About Editions

We have three different classifications for original artwork: Paper Edition, Home Edition, and Gallery Edition. All originals come with protective coatings and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Paper Edition Artwork

Paper Edition artwork was created on paper (thank you Captain Obvious). These are normally drawings, but can include paintings in watercolor, acrylics, and/or other mediums.

All Paper Edition works are protected in multiple coats of finishing spray to ensure your drawing stays good-as-new for years when cared for properly.

Home Edition Paintings

Home Edition paintings are a lower priced alternative to the Gallery Edition. These typically come on relatively lightweight canvases, or canvas panels, and may have been stepping stones to a final Gallery Edition rendering.

These are still high-quality, authentic originals! The paints used are the same long-lasting acrylics as our Gallery Editions. All Home Edition works are protected in multiple coats of varnish to ensure your painting lasts far beyond your lifetime when cared for properly.

Gallery Edition Paintings

Gallery Edition paintings are created using only top quality materials! The canvases will typically be thicker material and mounted on more heavy-weight framing than a Home Edition. Only our favorite renderings will be offered in this top-of-the-line edition. These pieces are built to stand the test of time and maintain high value for many generations when cared for properly.

Of course, you may hang a Gallery Edition in your home, or a Home Edition in your gallery - the art police will not come and arrest you for such crimes against our naming conventions.